A Platform for Action – Justice and Equality for Indigenous Women

There is no clearer evidence of the vital and urgent work that must still be done to confront colonial oppression of Indigenous Peoples than the injustice and inequality faced by Indigenous women.

The strength, resilience, and wisdom of Indigenous women has sustained our peoples, cultures, and ways of life through wave after wave of crown efforts to destroy us. Immeasurable gratitude of all generations into the future is owed to the courage Indigenous women have shown as they have confronted the violence, marginalization, and denigration of a hostile society.

Yet, there is no group of people in Canadian society treated with more disrespect, exposed to greater risk and harm, or confronted with more disdain than Indigenous women. This is seen in all levels of our society, from passive and uneducated responses to the epidemic of murdered and missing women, to the lack of urgency to confront through every means available the plague of domestic violence.

Indigenous women know better than any of us what must be done to create conditions of support, love, and care, and emerge out of conditions of violence and harm. Through listening to, supporting, and acting upon their voices and leadership, the change will occur. As Regional Chief, I will work tirelessly, as a partner with Indigenous women, to achieve the necessary shifts to justice and equality on the ground, in our family and community patterns, at the levels of policy and law, and in the public consciousness.